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'C.S.I.' vet Gary Dourdan talks training to be a one-man army in 'Redemption Day'

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Saban Films(LOS ANGELES) — In his new film Redemption Day, former C.S.I. star Gary Dourdan plays a U.S. Special Forces vet suffering from PTSD, who gets back into the action after his wife is kidnapped by terrorists. 

Dourdan’s super-fit in the film and while he was already familiar with firearms, he tells ABC Audio how he prepared to accurately play the character before the cameras rolled in Morocco.

“What I do is I go to a…Thai boxing camp in Thailand, and I take as much time as I possibly can to just get my fight training…top-notch, and also get my my cardio there,” the laid-back actor explains.

“But while I was there, I also got to get gun training because…they have strict gun laws in Morocco and you just can’t be working around firearms unless you’re shooting that day,” he adds. “So I made sure I got a bunch of training in Thailand.”

He laughs, “They’re a bit more lax with the heavy artillery in Thailand.”

Once Redemption Day started shooting in Morocco, Gary explained he brushed up on-set with the firearms master.

“But everything happened so fast,” Dourdan explains, “So before you know it, you got stuff exploding around you and you’re doing flips and whatever else is going on and you’re diving away from the fragments that are being blown at you.”  

Redemption Day, which also stars Ernie Hudson, Andy Garcia, Tenet‘s Martin Donovan, and Marvels’ The Inhumans vet Serinda Swan, is now in theaters and streaming.

By Stephen Iervolino
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