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Brett Young's "strong-willed" little "Lady" gets ready to be a big sister

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Riker BrothersAs Brett Young and his wife Taylor prepare for the arrival of their second little one this summer, their older daughter Presley is just past the one-year mark, having celebrated her birthday on October 21.

While Brett says she’s definitely a mama’s girl, he sees shades of her dad as well.

“I watched Taylor immediately take to motherhood,” he reflects, “and so there’s been this connection with her and Presley since Presley was born. So I feel like just because of their immediate connection, she’s probably drawing more from her mom.”

“But unfortunately for both of them, I think there’s a little more of my kind of strong-willed personality in there,” he grins.

The California native goes on to illustrate exactly what he means.

“She has a thing now where when she wants something, she just points at it and grunts,” he explains. “And I’m like, ‘That’s kind of how I treat food.’ So I think she got that one from me.”

“So I think, you know, in terms of learning, she’s still in that early stage with Mom, where she’s spending more time with Mom and she’s probably learning more new things from Mom. But I think genetically, she might have got a little more of Dad, which could suck for everybody,” he laughs. “But we’re keeping our fingers crossed.”

Both Presley and Taylor are immortalized in Brett’s latest hit, “Lady,” which is closing in on country’s top fifteen. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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