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Tim McGraw recalls the Christmas moment when he became "the man of the house"

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John Russell/CMAFor Tim McGraw, there’s a particular Christmas memory that marked a turning point in his young adult life. 

Growing up in Louisiana with his mother Betty and two sisters, a pre-teen Tim was charged with an important task regarding one of his sister’s Christmas gifts, which for him signified a newfound step into maturity. 

“I think one thing that I remember as a kid that was sort of a turning point for me growing up for me is…I remember being probably 11 years old or so and my mom asking me to put together a doll house for my sisters,” he explains.

“And that was the first time that I actually got to participate and like, be the man of the house with my mom and put together all the Christmas stuff for my sisters. That was sort of a big ‘graduating to a young man,’ in my eyes, thing for me,” he recalls.  

Since those early days, Tim has become a country music superstar and formed his own family with wife Faith Hill and their three daughters Maggie, Audrey and Gracie.  

By Cillea Houghton
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