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The Honest Trailers guys — along with Patton Oswalt — take on 2020

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ABC/Christopher Willard(LOS ANGELES) — With just one day left in 2020, the folks from the coming attractions-spoofing YouTube hit Honest Trailers have slammed the door on the accursed year.

“From the world that brought you 1918, 1347, and Woodstock ’99, comes a year we can’t wait to close the book on,” Trailer Voice Guy intones, over shots of plague, pestilence, and rioting Gen Xers from back in the day.

The trailer starts the look back in January, when we were enjoying “two months of blissful [Sonic theHedgehog-filled ignorance,” and fast forwards to the, “hot new virus that affects everyone,” but still remained polarizing, because society.

“The only thing that brought us together was Tiger King,” the trailer notes. “Can you believe that came out 10 years ago?” 

Patton Oswalt interrupts in voiceover, contrasting this year to the uplifting climax of Avengers: Endgame. “Think about the ‘On your left’ moment: Cap was down, the odds were against him, and suddenly — hope!” But Patton says 2020 is like, “instead of Wakandans and wizards and zero body fat hunks coming out of those portals, it’s…a never-ending…torrent of diarrhea…That’s 2020.”

This year we discovered “The new home of entertainment is your home,” Trailer Guy says. “And the new home of work is your home. And the new home of school is your home…As we…keep bingeing the shows that help us escape to the ‘Before Times’…because staying home all day eating snacks on a hot couch is literally saving lives.”

The trailer ends with a montage of movie clips in which the various characters all declare, “At least it can’t get any worse.”

“Have you people ever seen a movie?” says Oswalt.  “What did you think was gonna happen?”

(Video contains censored profanity.)


By Stephen Iervolino
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