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'SNL' cold open tackles the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

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Will Heath/NBC(NEW YORK) — A day after the FDA approved the emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, Saturday Night Live offered its take on the rollout in this weekend’s cold open.

The bit featured Heidi Gardner as President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 coordinator Deborah Birx and Kate McKinnon playing Dr. Anthony Fauci this time.  Brad Pitt famously portrayed Fauci on an SNL episode back in April.

Beck Bennett played Wolf Blitzer, host of CNN’s The Situation Room, who sought Fauci’s comments on the distribution of the vaccine, which Bennett’s Blitzer characterized by saying, “It’s just like the PS5: Everybody wants it, nobody can get it and if you’re rich you already had it a month ago.”

Describing the president’s performance, McKinnon’s Fauci went on to declare Trump “has done about as good a job with the rollout as I did with that first pitch at The Nationals game.”  A video of the awful pitch followed.

The sketch went on to praise Fauci for his contributions in guiding the country through the pandemic, as well as his popularity with Americans, with bras even being tossed at him.

“Any other year I’m a two, this year I’m a 10,” McKinnon’s Fauci declared.

Meanwhile, Gardner’s Birx touted her part in in the rollout, taking credit for almost refuting Trump’s advice to drink bleach to kill the virus.

“Remember when Trump said to inject bleach and I did a stanky little face?” she said. “I almost whispered, ‘No.’”

Saturday’s episode was hosted by Timothée Chalamet, with musical guests Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.


By George Costantino
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