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Russell Dickerson ends up “crying too much” every time he tries to write a song about his baby boy

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ABC/Image Group LARussell Dickerson is a new dad after he and his wife, Kailey, welcomed baby boy Remington this fall. And though the singer’s a prolific songwriter who’s been hard at work on an album recently, he admits that he has yet to successfully write a song about his son.

“Whew, I have tried, honestly,” he tells Billboard during a recent “20 Questions” feature. “But I just end up crying too much! I’ll get there, though, I promise.”

Russell’s not shy about the fact that he’s an easy crier and that it doesn’t take much to make him emotional. “Where do I even start?” he jokingly replied when asked what movies or songs always get his waterworks going.

“I’m a softie. Toilet paper commercials make me cry,” he adds.

Softie or not, Russell seems to have tapped into a winning formula when it comes to radio hits. His latest chart-topper, “Love You Live I Used To,” is his fourth consecutive number-one hit. That means that every single song he’s sent to country radio since debuting has landed on top of the charts.

The singer’s hoping to keep that hot streak going as he gears up to release his new album, Southern Symphony, this Friday.

“Honestly, [it’s] just that feeling of, ‘Man, our hit radar really works!’” Russell reflects. “We felt it in those moments in the writer room, but to have all three singles off the first record go number one was a huge confirmation to just keep following the same instincts that brought us here.”

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By Carena Liptak
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