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Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne didn't intend to write a Christmas song in the summer

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BBR Music Group In a year when many are seeking comfort in Christmas cheer, Runaway June‘s Jennifer Wayne got a head start by writing a Christmas song in the middle of a scorching hot Tennessee summer. 

Jennifer co-wrote “When I Think About Christmas” alongside Tiffany Goss and Josh Matheny, which describes the joy of having someone to celebrate the season with. The jazzy song ultimately became the title track to Runaway June’s Christmas EP. 

“It’s funny, we weren’t even trying to write a Christmas song. It was like in the middle of August and we were so hot. It was two of my friends and they were over at my house and we were drinking wine and we were like ‘gosh, I wish it was Christmas,’ so we just started writing it,” she explains to ABC Audio about the writing process.

“We were like, ‘When I think about Christmas, I think about all these things,’ and that’s kind of what inspired it,” Jennifer adds. “So we wrote a Christmas song in the middle of August.” 

When I Think About Christmas features another original song, “Christmas on the Radio,” along with covers of holiday classics including “O Holy Night” and “Let it Snow.”  

By Stephen Hubbard & Cillea Houghton
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