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Patty Jenkins says her upcoming 'Star Wars' movie 'Rogue Squadron' is a tribute to her late fighter pilot dad

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WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.(LOS ANGELES) — While some Star Wars fans could have anticipated at least some of the upcoming projects that were announced as part of the Disney Investor Day presentation Thursday, a major surprise was a movie called Rogue Squadron

Wonder Woman‘s Patty Jenkins has been tapped to direct, making her the first woman to helm a Star Wars feature film. 

While it’s too early to share any footage about the film, which centers on the titular group of legendary Rebel pilots, Jenkins introduced her contribution with a Twitter video about how close the movie it is to her heart. 

“I love…speed of any kind,” says the filmmaker, who is rollerblading across a tarmac in the video. “I think that’s because I grew up the daughter of a great fighter pilot…And every day I’d wake up and look outside and…see my father and his squadron taking off and their F-4s roaring across the sky,” calling it, “the most thrilling thing I have experienced in my entire life.”

As she says this, she’s reached her car’s open trunk and begins changing off camera.

She continues, “…when he lost his life in service to this country, it ignited a desire in me to turn all that tragedy and thrill into one day making the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time.”

Jenkins mentions she could never find the right project…”Until now.” 

Jenkins says she, “finally found a movie that combines the two things I love,” Jenkins says. “So I’m gonna see you very soon,” she smiles, as she puts on a Rebel pilot helmet.

And with that the camera pulls out to reveal see she’d zipped herself into an orange flight suit — and walks to a waiting X-Wing fighter.

Jenkins’ next film, Wonder Woman 1984, opens in theaters and debuts on HBO Max on December 25.

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By Stephen Iervolino
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