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Luke Bryan taps Tim Tebow for day one of Pranksmas

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ABC/Stewart Cook The Christmas season just got a whole lot sillier in Luke Bryan‘s household with the arrival of Pranksmas

The annual tradition sees Luke and his wife Caroline pranking each other, with day one of 2020 Pranksmas involving Tim Tebow

During a fundraiser last year for the couple’s charity auction for the Brett Boyer Foundation, Caroline won Tim’s Heisman Trophy for six months.

To kick off Pranksmas this year, Tim shares that he and Luke teamed up to convince Caroline that the Heisman got damaged during travel and arrived at their home in pieces, sending her into a panic. 

In the video, Luke can be seen telling his wife that he got a text from the NFL star saying that the Heisman had been shipped to their house days prior and he wanted to come see it. The country singer then grabs a box from outside, pulling out a shattered glass case that Caroline believes is housing the trophy.

“Y’all, this is not funny, I’m shaking. This is not okay,” she says. 

But before she can react any further, she looks in the case to see a decoy trophy inside, just as Tim walks in with the real Heisman in hand, the room bursting into laughter. 

“Luke convinced me that Tim Tebow’s Heisman was trashed and it was pretty much my fault! I think my blood pressure went to an all time high!!’ Caroline shares alongside the video. “I still reign king of pranks in our house,” Luke adds

By Cillea Houghton
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