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George Clooney says his film about 2020 would include COVID, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and "a lot of hope"

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Courtesy of Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — George Clooney isn’t complaining about saying goodbye to 2020, butif he had the opportunity to direct a film on this tumultuous year, the Oscar winner says he’d make sure to add “all of the things that we’ve had to bear.”

“Starting with COVID obviously,” Clooney tells ABC Audio. “Certainly then George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and all those things that would have been the lead story for the year if it weren’t for COVID along the way.”

“And then an election, and the divisiveness of an election,” he continues. “I would make a film about the idea that these are all manmade issues that man can fix.”

This may be a big undertaking considering Time magazine has declared 2020 “the worst year ever.” Still, Clooney is up for the challenge, adding that the issues we face “we did it to ourselves and so we can fix these things ourselves.”

Those fixes are what Clooney says will allow his proposed film to have a happy ending.

“And that by the end of 2020 there would be light at the end of the tunnel, which I do see,” he says. “And I feel that we’re pointing in the right direction now. I see it.”

“There’s a lot of hope with a vaccine. There’s a lot of hope with January 20th,” Clooney explains, referring to the inauguration date of President-elect Joe Biden. “There’s a lot of hope with what we’re able to do [and] how we’re able to move forward — as man can fix some of the things that man has destroyed.”

“So that would be the film,” he adds. 

Until that film comes to fruition, Clooney’s latest project, The Midnight Sky, is available on Netflix.

By Candice Williams
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