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Eric Church promises lots of new music ahead, and a "Hell of a View" of 2021

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ABCThere’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has held up Eric Church‘s follow-up to 2018’s Desperate Man. But the newly-crowned CMA Entertainer of the Year reveals he already has plenty of new music in the can — perhaps even enough for more than one album. 

“You know, when we recorded this album in December and January, we had a plan and then Covid happened,” the North Carolina native explains. “I would say that where we’ve been fortunate is we recorded almost 30 songs in that time.”

“You know, [we] let creativity lead, didn’t know that Covid was coming,” he continues. “So for me, it’s been about, ‘When do we put the songs out? When do we put the albums out?’ And we’ve slow-played it a little bit, to be honest.”

Now, the “Stick That in Your Country Song hitmaker is optimistic about a return to touring in 2021 — and releasing new music.

“I think around the… March, April, May time,” he predicts, “that we’ll start to get back to what used to be normal for us.”

“And I believe that will start to be normal for all of us — for touring, for our daily life,” he adds. “Third, fourth quarter [of 2021] is gonna be a f****** great thing.”

Right now, “Hell of a View,” the latest taste of new music from Eric’s forthcoming seventh record, is nearing country’s top thirty.

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By Stephen Hubbard
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