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Carrie Underwood’s son Isaiah can pronounce his “Rs” now, and she’s not sure how to feel about it

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ABCWatching your kids grow up certainly is bittersweet.

Carrie Underwood recently got the chance to bring her five-year-old son, Isaiah, into the recording studio, when he served as her duet partner on a version of “Little Drummer Boy” off her holiday album, My Gift. While Isaiah may still have quite a way to go before he’s all grown up, the singer says there’s one new thing he learned to do recently that made her a little emotional.

“I’ll make you real sad for a second: He now pronounces his ‘Rs,’” Underwood reveals. “He says ‘Pa rum pum pum pum’ when he sings it now, which is very sad for me. I mean, ultimately, you want them to pronounce Rs, but that moment is already gone, and it went like that.”

Still, she adds, Isaiah still brought plenty of childlike joy and enthusiasm to the studio, especially because he’s too young to understand the marketing, PR and business sides of music-making. All he knows is that he’s having fun.

“Which was such a joy for me to watch,” adds Carrie, “because there’s no motive behind any of it except for ‘This is fun and I like to do it.’

As for her? The singer says her duet with Isaiah will be a cherished keepsake long after her son grows up.

“When he is a dude, a man, and he’s got this deep voice, I am always going to have that moment in time captured on this album,” she says.

By Carena Liptak
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