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Brett Young teases the Christmas album he'd like to make, as he looks forward to celebrating with Presley

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Riker BrothersIt’s sure to be a special Christmas at Brett Young‘s house this year, as his daughter Presley experiences lots of holiday traditions for the first time. 

Even though she was here last year, the proud father says she was really too little to enjoy it.

“We tried to make it a bigger thing than it was possible to be,” Brett reflects. “She was… two months exactly…”

“I’ve already gotten to the age now where I still love Christmas, but it’s not even about presents anymore,” he continues. “I think most people reach that age in their late teens, early twenties. So I’ve been in that stage for a long time. But to have her there, it’s like we’re buying her presents that she doesn’t know she’s getting.”

“So it’s interesting,” Brett laughs. “We tried to force it on her and she was like, ‘Yeah, whatever, just feed me.'”

One yuletide treat Presley will likely enjoy in the years to come is an eventual holiday album by her dad. 

“This would have been the perfect year to record a Christmas record because we were all home,” Brett admits. “But I just realized that too late, and I missed my window…”

“I love Christmas music. I’ve been talking a lot about doing it — more than just one song, whether it’s an EP or a full-length. And what we could do to make it a little bit different,” he explains, “because I don’t want to write Christmas songs. I would love to do the classics, but in a different vibe or style.”

“It’ll happen at some point, maybe next year,” he adds. “As soon as it works, it’s happening.”

Brett did find time to record his version of “Silver Bells” for 2020, which joins his rendition of “O Holy Night” from 2017.

By Stephen Hubbard
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