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Patrick Dempsey's return to 'Grey's Anatomy' is just "the tip of the iceberg"

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ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Grey’s Anatomy fans haven’t seen the last of McDeamy.

After Patrick Dempsey’s character, Derek Shepherd, shocked fans with an unexpected return during season 17 of the beloved medical drama, fellow Grey’s star Kevin McKidd dished that there is so much more to come. 

“All I can say is you have not seen the last of him,” McKidd said when asked by ET if McDreamy would make any future appearances. “That’s what I will say and whatever does come, it’s going to be… What you saw last week that everybody freaked out about is just a tiny, it’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. You’ll have to watch.”

Grey’s Anatomy first introduced Dempsey’s character in the pilot episode and he remained on the show until he was dramatically killed in season 11.

Much like fans, McKidd shared that he was surprised by the emotional return, but was worried that the secret would be ruined.

“We were on the beach shooting this, and at one point, we saw this boat out on the horizon and it stayed there for a bit too long. We were all like, ‘That’s a paparazzi boat! That’s a paparazzi boat!’ But luckily it wasn’t a paparazzi boat, but we really thought it was. There was a lot of paranoia about keeping this thing secret. It was stressful,” he said. “We had to lock down that whole beach, so nobody was allowed on it. It was a whole production, like a military operation.”

McKidd added that even the actors were kept in the dark, which he jokes is why they were able to avoid any leaks. 

“… they kept it a secret from us for a long time,” he said. “That’s probably why it stayed a secret because they didn’t tell the actors for a long time!”

By Danielle Long
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