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Old Dominion offer reflective election message: "Y’all be good to each other"

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John Shearer/WireImageOn Election Day eve, Old Dominion are sharing an inspiring message with fans in support of civil discourse. 

The five-member band of Matthew RamseyBrad TursiTrevor RosenWhit Sellers and Geoff Sprung turned to Instagram today, letting their guards down with their 870,000 followers in a reflective statement.

In the post, the group acknowledges that tensions are high with the impending election and admit that as a band, they often discuss and debate various topics, including politics. And while they may not always agree with one another’s views, they ultimately come together through their passion of music. 

“Our band is made of of five friends who don’t always agree. We have spirited debates on just about everything, politics included. Sometimes we get pissed and raise our voices, or poke fun at each other for our differences,” the group writes alongside a video of a social distance performance of “Lean on Me” to capture the harmony among them. 

“At the end of the day, each of us as individuals with our strengths and our flaws, find a way to push through the awkwardness that comes with discourse and we make music. Together,” they conclude. “Y’all be good to each other.”

By Cillea Houghton 
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