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Jim Carrey's Joe Biden opens 'SNL' with a scary election-themed tale

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Kyle Dubiel/NBC(NEW York) — This weekend’s Saturday Night Live opened with Jim Carrey returning as Joe Biden, who delivered an election-themed version of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, helped out by Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris and Kate McKinnon dusting off her Hillary Clinton impersonation.

Recalling President Donald Trump’s stunning upset victory over Clinton in the 2016 election, Carrey’s Biden attempted to ease Democrats’ fears of a repeat.

“They say I’m eight points ahead. Poll numbers like that can only go wrong once in a blue moon,” he assures, only to look out the window and see a blue moon, which actually appeared on Saturday.

“That’s a little troubling,” he then deadpanned.

Carey is then interrupted by a knock on the door from “someone still a little sore.”  That someone turns out to be McKinnon’s Clinton, who warns, “We lost before.”

“I said Raven,” chides Carrey, “Stop being such a drag, we got this one in the bag.  This is what every pundit says from shore to shore.”

“Not Michael Moore,” is Clinton’s reply.

Biden’s optimism is tested by an appearance from Fivethirtyeight election guru Nate Silver, played by SNL‘s Mikey Day — referencing Silver’s website that inaccurately predicted a Clinton victory four years ago.

Rudolph’s Harris also returns with a half-hearted pep talk for America, saying, “Our nation will endure.  We will fight another day…though it is never a good sign when Walmart stops selling guns.”

Finally, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — played by the show’s Beck Bennett — makes a brief appearance to admit he’s actually pulling for the former vice president.

Saturday’s show was hosted by comedian John Mulaney, with musical guests The Strokes.  Dave Chappelle, who hosted SNL‘s post-election show in 2016, was announced as the host of this year’s post-election installment.

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By George Costantino
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