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Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington and more celebrate Joe Biden's 2020 election win

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ABC/Heidi Gutman(LOS ANGELES) — With former Vice President Joe Biden set to become the 46th president of the United States, celebrities have taken to social media to express their satisfaction with the election results.

Many celebrities reacted with joy and relief over the weekend while others took to the streets to demonstrate their excitement.

One such celebrity to showcase their excitement in public was actress Jennifer Lawrence, who burst out of her Boston brownstone in just her pajamas to flail up and down the street while squealing happily.  “Had no choice but to throw a party for 1,” she tweeted while sharing the hilarious video.

Another celebrity ready to party was Supermarket Sweep host Leslie Jones, who shared an Avengers: Endgame parody clip while cheering, “YASSSSSSS!! CONGRATS PRESIDENT BIDEN!!”

Many reacted to the historical implications of the 2020 election by congratulating Senator Kamala Harris for becoming not only the first female Vice President in U.S. history, but becoming the first woman of color to represent in the White House.

Veep alum Julia Louise-Dreyfus, who spent seven seasons playing a fictional female vice president on HBO, took to Instagram to celebrate that “‘Madam Vice President’  is no longer a fictional character.”

Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon congratulated via Instagram, “Today is a monumental day. No matter what side you are on, let’s take a moment to recognize how far women have come in this country. Thinking about all those who shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for a woman to * finally * be Vice President of the United States makes me so emotional.”

The most emotional response, however, came from Mindy Kaling, who shared a photo of the young senator and remarked, “Crying and holding my daughter, ‘look baby, she looks like us.'”

Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow remarked on the message the recent election tells little girls, writing on Instagram, “If I have a little girl one day, it will be beautiful to tell her…. you CAN be in charge. You can lead. No one should be allowed to disregard you, decide your future or ever silence you, just because you are a female. The planet will be here for you.”  She also remarked, “Hate never wins in the end. Empathy wins.”

Others said the election sends a clear message to the world.

Scandal star Kerry Washington thanked voters for showing up to the polls on Election Day, writing, “The people have spoken! Thank you to everyone who used your vote and your voice to make history.”

Kate Hudson shared her excitement over the election results on Instagram, remarking, “I’m sure many of you are joining me in a big cry, a release. A beautiful moment in history! Thank you everyone. Character matters.”

Chrissy Teigen, who was filmed partying in a car with husband John Legend as they made their way through a celebration that took over the Santa Monica Boulevard, let her followers know just how relieved she is that the election is over by tweeting, “My god it feels like I just took off a weighted blanket, unhooked my bra and taken out my extensions all at once.” 

Sarah Paulson, Jason Momoa, Sophie Turner, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cobie Smulders and Jada Pinkett Smith were also among the many extending congratulatory remarks to Biden and Harris over the weekend.

By Megan Stone 
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