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"I turned myself into a pickle seltzer, Morty!": 'Rick & Morty' seltzer coming soon

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Adult Swim(LOS ANGELES) — “Today is a good day for anyone who has ever cracked open a can of refreshing seltzer and thought to themselves, ‘this could taste more like pickles, and also remind me of Rick and Morty,'” announced Adult Swim in a brand new press release.

Fans of Justin Roiland’s Emmy-winning series will have a new way to literally slake their thirst for the show: Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer.

That’s right. They turned an episode into a seltzer, Morty. 

For the uninitiated, the series centers on a nervous kid named Morty, and his sociopath, chemically-dependent grandpa, Rick, who happens to be the most brilliant scientist in the multiverse.

In the episode “Pickle Rick”, Rick was so determined to skip a family therapy session that he literally turned himself into a pickle.

Today, Miracle Seltzer has combined forces with Pickle Juice, “the original creators of the pickle beverage formulated to relieve muscle cramps and replenish electrolytes,” to create a “flavor fortified version of their juice,” which a press release says contains “dual filtered water, organic vinegar, salt, organic dill oil, potassium, zinc, and vitamin C and E.”

B. Thom Stevenson, co-founder of Miracle Seltzer, noted of the product, “Miracle Seltzer is a one-way ticket to a new dimension…you can now easily travel to one of these dimensions in one of these universes in one of these space-time continuums, all while staying hydrated on your journey.”

The Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer — along with related merch — will launch for the global virtual Adult Swim Festival, streaming on the Adult Swim YouTube channel Friday, November 13, and Saturday, November 14. The latter date also happens to be National Pickle Day.

Stevenson adds, “Open your eyes really wide – there are miracles, and pickles, all around you.”  

By Stephen Iervolino
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