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'His House' star Sope Dìrísù discusses his relationship with horror and the success of AMC's 'Gangs of London'

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Photo: Gloria Obianyo(LOS ANGELES) — Sope Dìrísù has been making of most of his time during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting two of his latest projects: AMC’s Gangs of London and Netflix’s His House.

In his AMC series, Dìrísù plays Elliot, an undercover cop who infiltrates London’s most notorious gang. The actor tells ABC Audio that it’s been a “different experience” seeing the success of his show in the U.S., considering most people are still under quarantine. 

“It’s not just necessarily people on the streets [or] seeing yourself on billboards or anything like that,” Dìrísù  says. “But it’s been great to know that the series has been successful and that people really enjoyed watching it… through many hours locked in their houses.”

While Dìrísù says he has “a predilection to physical roles” and enjoys “using [his] body to tell stories,” the actor took a different turn in the new Netflix horror His House. In this film, Sope plays Bol, a father who is haunted by his dead daughter after he and his wife seek asylum in the U.K. 

Dìrísù says he appreciates his character’s “determinedness” to not leave the haunted house and admits he even saw some of those traits in himself.

“I think there is a hypermasculinity and stubbornness in him that doesn’t allow him to speak and share his issues,” he says. “And that’s something that I’ve been learning how to do a lot better over these years.”

While Dìrísù says horror films aren’t his go-to genre to watch, the actor says when he does indulge, he’s looking for something to “terrify” him.

“If I’m watching a horror film I expect to be really scared,” he says. “…I’m looking for something that’s really psychologically thrilling, that doesn’t let me sleep at night.” 

Gangs of London is available to stream on AMC. His House is now available on Netflix.

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By Candice Williams
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