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Director Carl Weathers laughing along with 'The Mandalorian' fans about errant "Jeans Guy"

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Disney+(LOS ANGELES) — As predicted, Star Wars fans are having a good-natured laugh at The Mandalorian‘s “Game of Thrones coffee cup” moment — and so is director Carl Weathers. 

Shortly after Weathers’ episode “The Seige” aired last Friday on Disney+, fans noticed a stray crew member lingering in one shot, and as we predicted, didn’t take much longer for those in the costuming community to joke about what it would take to build a “canon” costume of the man forever branded as “Jeans Guy” — and even create a mock action figure and a LEGO minifig of the guy, both complete with the piece of set that obscured half of his body. 

The errant crew member even made an appearance as “Admiral Jeff-Blue Jeans” in the Star Wars encyclopedia Wookieepedia. The post was quickly taken down, but not before some wiseguy — or girl — described the character as being, “known for his strange look of a T-Shirt and blue jeans,” and “a cunning warrior and a respected individual.”

Buoyed by great reviews for the episode — dozens of which he personally responded to on Twitter — Weathers was laughing along with them, calling Jeans Guy, “A bogey!”

And speaking of the episode, the blue space macarons that a hungry Baby Yoda swiped from a stingy kid can now be yours, thanks to Williams-Sonoma, which is selling a pack of them for $50. They’re called Nevarro Nummies, after the planet on which The Child found the confection.

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By Stephen Iervolino
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