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Devin Dawson sets his sights on a simple legacy in “He Loved Her,” a tribute to his grandfather

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Warner Music Nashville/Atlantic RecordsDevin Dawson tells the story of a simple life, well-lived, in “He Loved Her,” which is on the track list of his forthcoming The Pink Slip EP.

The song’s story line is a tribute to the singer’s grandfather.  Devin says that it’s one of the most important tracks he’s ever written.

“It’s inspired by my grandfather, Jerry. My rock,” he explains. “It’s different from other songs I’ve written because it’s simple and to the point, which is sometimes hard for me to accomplish as a writer. I’m proud of the words, the music, and the tribute it pays to one of the most important people I’ll ever know.”

From a musical standpoint, Devin’s well-known for having a rock edge and a metal background, and often blends that into his songwriting. But this time around, he sticks to carefree, classic country gold — a fitting tribute to “He Loved Her”’s message of simplicity.

The Pink Slip EP is due out on January 15; Devin’s already shared “I Got a Truck” and “Range Rover” off the six-track project.

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By Carena Liptak
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