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David Duchovny reveals the best lesson he could offer his young 'Craft: Legacy' co-stars

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ABC News/Steve Iervolino(NEW YORK) — X-Files veteran David Duchovny plays a dad in the film reboot Craft: Legacy, but he explains that there wasn’t a lot of fatherly advice he could give his younger co-stars when it comes to the craft of acting.

The movie is a re-invention of The Craft, a 1996 hit about a group of high school friends who discover the downside to dabbling in the dark arts. 

When asked about his experience versus that of his co-stars, Duchovny laughed to ABC Audio, “Yeah, it makes me feel kind of old.”

He added, “It is interesting in this movie, I was really aware that the stars…they were like from 22, 23, or whatever. So I can’t teach anything, but I can model what it’s like to be a professional actor. That’s what I always think. It’s like: I can be on time, I can be prepared, I can I can come with my bags packed, ready to travel, you know, ready to play. Ready to act. You know, just ready.”

The Craft: Legacy is now available for streaming on video-on-demand services.

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By Stephen Iervolino
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