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A recovered Hugh Grant tells 'The Late Show' that he and his wife had COVID-19

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2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.(LONDON) — On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, Hugh Grant revealed that he and his wife, Anna Eberstein, contracted COVID-19 in February, and since have fully recovered. 

However, the battle wasn’t pretty, Grant joked to the chat show host. “It started as just a very strange syndrome where I kept breaking into a terrible sweat…It was like a poncho of sweat, embarrassing really.”

He quipped, “Then my eyeballs felt about three sizes too big and this…a feeling as though an enormous man was sitting on my chest, Harvey Weinstein or someone.”

However, when Grant realized he’d lost his sense of smell — which many have found to be a telltale sign of infection — the actor admitted he began to “panic.”

Grant told Colbert, “By then people were just starting to talk about this as a symptom. And I started sniffing flowers, nothing. And you get more and more desperate. I started sniffing in garbage cans. You know, you want to sniff strangers’ armpits because you just can’t smell anything.”

He joked, “I eventually went home and I sprayed my wife’s Chanel No. 5 directly into my face,” Grant continued. “Couldn’t smell a thing, but I did go blind,” he laughed.

By now, the pair have fully recovered. “We’ve got antibodies,” Grant declared of him and his wife, quipping “I’m rather proud of them.”

For now, Grant says he’s “been locked up” with his two daughters, who are four and two years old and has become “all about Barbies” from playing with the girls. He even admitted to making the dolls get into compromising positions and sending pictures of them to his friends — after his daughters went to bed.

By Stephen Iervolino
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