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“Through My Ray-Bans,” Eric Church sees the power of human connection from the vantage point of the stage

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UMG NashvilleEven in the midst of a difficult year, Eric Church is placing his bets on the resilience of the human spirit.

That’s because he’s seen it first-hand, he sings in the lyrics of his just-released song, “Through My Ray-Bans.” The song celebrates the magic and solidarity Eric has seen while performing onstage, looking out at the crowd cheering back at him.

“Everybody’s got their arms around everybody else’s shoulders / Guarding against the world outside like an army of Friday night soldiers,” he sings in the chorus. “The battle wages tomorrow, but tonight you don’t give a damn / Wish you could stay the way I see you through my Ray-Bans…”

The singer first teased his defiant, gut-punching tune this spring, when he used it as the backdrop of a spoken-word video message celebrating the human spirit and promising that ultimately, human connection will triumph over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per Rolling Stone, Eric has also dedicated the song to the survivors of the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting, which claimed 61 lives and injured hundreds more concertgoers.

“Through My Ray-Bans” is the latest in a slew of new songs The Chief has released this year. He also dropped “Bad Mother Trucker,” “Crazyland” and, just a few weeks ago, “Hell of a View.” His single, “Stick that In Your Country Song,” was a Top 30 hit this summer.

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By Carena Liptak
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