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'The Spanish Princess' star Charlotte Hope reveals scene that made her feel "the most empowered"

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Starz(NEW YORK) — The Spanish Princess Part Two, which premieres its epic final installment on Starz this weekend, initially teased new episodes with an iconic image: A pregnant Queen Catherine dressed in full armor, ready to lead troops into battle.

Star Charlotte Hope tells ABC Audio putting on that “maternity armor” and shooting that scene was just as empowering as it looked.

“I think it was like the most empowered I felt maybe in my whole life,” Hope recalls. “I remember walking down the stairs, getting on this horse, and I was so pumped with adrenaline because I knew I had to get the scene in one [take], basically.”

She adds, “I’m a very, very small person, so to get to feel that strong and powerful is very satisfying.”

Hope says she also relished playing out the demise of Queen Catherine’s marriage to King Henry VIII, played by Ruairi O’Connor — a story we all know from the history books. She says it was important to show the couple still had “that fight and that fire” all the way up until the end.

“This season feels like a really, really honest breakup story to me, because breakups are so messy,” she says. “It’s not just so simple as just being like, ‘OK, bye! Now we’ll never see each other or talk to each other again.’ So often you break apart and then you pull back together and then you break apart and you pull back together.”

The Spanish Princess Part Two premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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