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'The Spanish Princess Part Two' stars talk representation in the royal court

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Starz(NEW YORK) — On The Spanish Princess Part Two, one relationship is emerging as “couple goals,” and it’s not Queen Catherine and King Henry VIII.

It’s Lina and Oviedo, the Queen’s trusted lady-in-waiting and crossbowman — played by Stephanie Levi-John and Aaron Cobham, respectively. While Catherine and Henry’s marriage starts to crumble this season, Lina and Oviedo’s relationship blossoms.

Levi-John and Cobham say they’re proud to represent two African-Iberian members of the 16th century royal English court — a part of history that has often been overlooked.

“I always say that representation is important,” Levi-John tells ABC Audio. “Before I just didn’t know that Black people and people of color were even around in England at this time.”

She continues, “It opened up Pandora’s box for me because I just didn’t know that we were here and I didn’t know that we were a part of court. And I think this show has a great way of highlighting and showing Lina and Oviedo as two human characters and not subservient people. Their place within the court is definitely valid and they have a reason to be there.”

“I feel very proud that my family get[s] to see me in a show where I get to portray someone who is a positive role model for other people,” Cobham adds. “And I think historically, people need to see themselves where they were to understand their history and understand who they are now and where people have come from.” 

The Spanish Princess Part Two airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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By Andrea Tuccillo
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