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Tamron Hall says she hopes her son is "so proud" of the work she does on 'The Tamron Hall Show'

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ABC(NEW YORK) — Tamron Hall’s ability to connect with her audience is just one of the reasons why her Emmy-Award winning daytime talk show, The Tamron Hall Show, became an early ratings success with its second season return.


Hall came back with a bang, landing exclusive interviews with former Democratic rising star Andrew Gillum, former Vanderpump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder, and NeNe Leakes. Yet, even with a long list of accomplishments, Hall tells ABC Audio that it’s her son Moses, who helps to keep her motivated on sharing meaningful stories. 

“I hope he’s able to look at the work that I do and say, ‘I’m so proud of my mom,'” she says. “‘This is what my mom did and this is what my mom learned. And my mom learned this from somebody who’s on the show and she told me that story.'”

“And hopefully, he can contribute something positive to the world,” Hall continues. “Because ultimately, that’s what I want to do at our show. We have tough conversations. We have difficult conversations, but we laugh together. We cry together.”

Still, Hall admits that it’s not easy being a mom that has it all together.

“What Moses has brought to my life is certainly a deeper perspective as a working mom,” she explains. “I get choked up by the fact that two years ago I wasn’t worried about somebody else’s whole impression of life through my eyes.”

Hall even recalls “being a non mom” and having people tell her that “having a child” would make her a “better person.”

“And I thought, ‘Wow…What do you mean by that?'” say says. “And I thought, ‘I don’t want to have that perspective.’ I’m hoping that life, and each experience I have with each person I meet, makes me a better person.”

The Tamron Hall Show airs weekdays on ABC.

By Candice Williams
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