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Shaquille O'Neal to star in inclusivity-themed animated children's show 'Shaq's Garage'

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Genius Brands(LOS ANGELES) — Shaquille O’Neal is switching into cartoon mode. 

The famed basketball player has partnered with Genius Brands to co-create, co-produce and star in an upcoming animated children’s show called Shaq’s Garage.  It chronicles the adventures of a group of cartoon automobiles, all with their own unique capabilities. In addition to his sports career, O’Neal is also an avid collector of luxurious autos. 

Shaq will voice the show’s main character, Big Diesel, as the vehicles go on various adventures while communicating through a secret language known as “Shaqanese.”

Shaq’s Garage will also share messages of inclusivity, exemplified by one of the cars which is missing a wheel, yet is as fast and intelligent as its counterparts. 

“We plan to showcase the most amazing, tricked-out assortment of vehicles that can only be found in my garage,” O’Neal says in a statement. “They will all have larger-than-life personalities, larger-than-life missions and of course, larger-than-life sound systems! This will be a kid’s show which will highlight inclusivity for all.”

Shaq’s Garage is set to premiere early next year on Genius Brand’s free, positivity-focused Kartoon Channel. 

By Cillea Houghton 
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