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Maren Morris is proud to have been "To Hell & Back" with husband Ryan Hurd

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ABC/Image Group LAMaren Morris‘ latest hit, “To Hell & Back,” is a love letter to her husband, Ryan Hurd

What’s surprising is that she wrote it so early in their relationship, it actually pre-dates the time they became a couple.

“I wrote it back when — I don’t even think we were really dating yet,” Maren tells ABC Audio. “It was very early.”

“It’s an older song of mine,” she continues, “but I held on to it for years because I just loved it so much. And I loved the sentiment behind, you know, someone loving you because of your flaws, not despite them.”

For Maren, “To Hell & Back” describes the ultimate love relationship.

“You have to accept the whole picture to really love someone, and not ignore certain parts,” she explains. “I don’t think you can fully love a person if you’re, like, sweeping some things under the rug.”

“So I was just wanting to write a song that thanked him for loving every good, bad and ugly thing about me,” she laughs.  

Maren and Ryan tied the knot in March of 2018, and welcomed their son, Hayes, two years later. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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