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Lovie Simone says she enjoyed the "challenge" of Netflix's "Social Distance" and tackling the issue of protesting

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Courtesy of Netflix(NEW YORK) — Lovie Simone is one of the stars featured in the new Netflix anthology series Social Distance, which takes a closer look at people navigating in the new world of COVID-19.

In the series, Simone plays the girlfriend of Asante Blackk’s character, a man struggling to stay on his job when he really wants to protest police brutality following the murder of George Floyd.

Simone, who self-filmed for the role, tells ABC Audio that making the series during the quarantine was a difficult, but rewarding experience.

“It was challenging and I liked it,” she says. “It was challenging because, when you’re acting, you… just go off like micro expressions, body movements, and stuff like that to kind of give your cue.”

“But, it was really cool having to memorize the scene with your body and face too,” she continues, noting that her and Blackk were both filmed remotely and only saw each other on cameras. “And to work on that… it’s kind of hard not seeing his face and having to react to what I think he was doing.”

Even though apart, Simone and Blackk still managed to tackle the issue of protesting and its generational divide. Simone says she can see both sides of the argument, adding that she found other ways to stay “active.” 

“Your form of protest doesn’t always have to be just going out and holding a sign and being out there, like on the front lines and stuff like that,” she says. “There are other forms of like protesting, like voting… like spreading knowledge and not letting your white friends get away with certain sentences, certain words.”

Still, Simone believes that “accountability” will always be the best way to affect change, adding it’s time for more “one-on-one conversations.”

Social Distance is now available on Netflix.

By Candice Williams
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