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“Lose You”: Jordan Davis reflects on what a good thing he’s got in his latest tune

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UMG NashvilleIn his pulsing, mid-tempo new song, “Lose You,” Jordan Davis makes time to appreciate a relationship worth hanging on to, no matter what.

“People break up, fall in and outta love / But giving this up is something I just won’t do,” he sings. “And I don’t wanna give you a reason to leave me / Watch you drive off in the night / I never wanna feel that freedom that people say they find…”

It’s a song ripped straight from the pages of Jordan’s own life, as a husband and new dad to baby daughter Eloise Larken. He came up with the idea for the song while comparing relationship notes with his co-writers, who are also happily coupled up.

“When I sat down with the guys in the writer’s room that day, we were all just talking about our wives and we realized, ‘Hey, we are all married to amazing women so let’s not mess this up,’” the singer remembers.

Fun fact: One of the co-writers of “Lose You,” Josh Kerr, is a newlywed who married Maddie & Tae bandmate Tae Dye back in February.

“Lose You” follows Jordan’s current single, “Almost Maybes.” He decided to release the track after teasing it on social media, a pandemic-era alternative to testing out unreleased material live during shows.

“In a normal year we’d have our live show to try out new music and see what connects with the audience. Since we can’t do that, it has been fun to share on social media and see the response,” he explains. “Fans were loving this one, so we thought, ‘Why wait to release it?’”

By Carena Liptak
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