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Kimberly Van Der Beek revealed the names she and James gave their unborn sons

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David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Kimberly Van Der Beek, wife of Dawson’s Creek alum James Van Der Beek, broke her silence regarding her two recent miscarriages.

Speaking on Instagram live on Tuesday, the 38-year-old opened up about losing two pregnancies, both at 17 weeks, in the span of a year.

“They were so tough,” she recounted of her fall 2019 and June 2020 miscarriages, and added, “one of them almost killed me.” 

Van Der Beek revealed not only where she buried her sons, but what she wanted to name them.

The mom of five revealed she buried her sons in a passion fruit vine that mysteriously turned up in a pile of plants she had purchased.  Soon, it was dubbed the “mama plant” and became an important fixture in the household.

When she suffered her first miscarriage, she “was told exactly where to bury it” — the passion fruit vine.

“So we have two fetuses in our mama plant, and we named them John and Zachariah,” Van Der Beek explained. “And so John and Zachariah are buried in the mama plant, and I decided today to have an artist make some sort of wood structure.”

The intent is that, when it’s time to plant the passion fruit vine “in the earth,” “she can grow up around it.”

Van Der Beek remains thankful for the plant that she believes came to her by fate, “The cool thing is I had this whole spiritual awakening that happened and the next day, mama plant had her first flower.”

She also added that November 17 is now an important date for the family: the day of John’s miscarriage and, later, Zachariah’s due date.  

To honor their memory, Van Der Beek will host a blood drive that day and vowed, “If I’m feeling strong, I’ll also be giving blood.”

By Megan Stone
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