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Jon Pardi gets surprised with platinum “Heartache Medication” while in “work mode” on his farm

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Dylan RuckerJon Pardi just received his latest piece of RIAA hardware for “Heartache Medication,” and the singer was surprised with the accolade while hard at work on his property. In fact, he just might store his new plaque in the windshield of his excavator.

The singer’s manager, Melanie Wetherbee, hand-delivered the plaque, which certifies his 2019 single “Heartache Medication” as platinum. When she stopped by, however, Jon happened to be out at work on his property, digging out a pond with an excavator. The singer was caught off-guard by the surprise visit, but was thrilled that his traditional country song had managed to perform so well.

“Wow! It went platinum, huh?” He said, inspecting his new hardware. “That’s pretty awesome for a fiddle kick-off intro. I’ll just put it right here,” he said, resting it on the excavator’s floor, where it could be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windshield.

After he had a few minutes to soak in the surprise, Jon thanked his co-writers and team. He remarked that it was encouraging to see Heartache Medication continue to do well, particularly after the success of his debut album.

“It’s pretty awesome, coming off of such a successful album as California Sunrise, to come with another record and start off right out of the gate with a platinum single. So that’s pretty amazing,” he reflected, before joking: “We’ll keep ‘em comin’! You want platinum, I got it, baby! I’ll bring it!”

Jon’s latest accolade is one of many he’s received for Heartache Medication thus far. The project is also nominated at the 2020 CMA Awards for Album of the Year.

By Carena Liptak
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