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Jameela Jamil shows off her pre-workout routine, slurping whipped cream

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Todd Williamson/NBC(LOS ANGELES) — Jameela Jamil just gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “pre-workout routine.”

Many would picture some sort of beverage, shake, or pill at the mention of the term, but for The Good Place actress, it simply means guzzling down some whipped cream straight from the can. 

On Monday, Jamil, 34, shared a short Instagram clip of herself enjoying the light treat with the text, “My pre-workout game is strong,” superimposed over it. Meanwhile, in the caption, she explained, “The sheer BEAUTY of not working out for weight loss anymore is that I can treat myself to something fun to give me a burst of energy before I do any exercise.”

“I’m looking at it as mental health care now, rather than a punishment for not adhering to patriarchal stereotypes!” she continued, adding that she chose the soy version of the topping.

Stunts like this are common for Jamil, who often speaks out on mental health and body positivity. And, many praised her for sharing an important message through some lighthearted comedy. 

“YES! As an eating disorder therapist who is also recovered-I love the idea of reclaiming joyful movement vs punishing ED related exercise,” one user commented. 

Another called “my idol” and added, “you’ve helped me accept my body so much!”

By Danielle Long
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