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Jake Owen presents number-one plaque to his grandparents, who inspired his chart-topping “Homemade”

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Courtesy of 1220 EntertainmentJake Owen scored a major hit with “Homemade,” the latest single to come off his 2019 project, Greetings From…Jake. Not only did the song’s music video score him his first-ever nomination for a CMA Award, but the song also went number one at country radio.

Of course, great country music is all about real-life stories, and Jake just might be able to attribute the success of “Homemade” to the deeply personal and authentic story behind the song.

Though Jake didn’t write “Homemade,” he immediately connected to its message of how the most precious things in life are those that are made with love. It reminded him of his grandparents, Jean and Bryan Yancey Owen, who have been married for over 70 years.

The music video he released for the song even tributes their love story, with Jake recreating some of the scenes from their courtship and life together.

Since the singer’s grandparents played such a pivotal role in his vision for his hit song, it seemed only fair that he share “Homemade”’s success with them. So, Jake surprised the couple with the song’s official number-one plaque, giving them a little piece of the song as a keepsake of their role in creating it.

“Homemade” is Jake’s eighth chart-topping hit in the U.S., and his sixth in Canada.

By Carena Liptak
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