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Hilary Duff had a hilarious reaction during nasal swab COVID-19 test

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ABC/Richard Harbaugh(NEW YORK) — Hilary Duff is back to work on season seven of Younger, which means she had to undergo a COVID-19 test to comply with health and safety guidelines — and her reaction was absolutely hilarious.

For those who have yet to receive one, one form of the test is administered nasally — meaning a cotton swab is inserted in the nasal cavity.

Duff shared her celebratory back to work COVID test on Monday via her Instagram stories, which showed the Lizzie McGuire alum experiencing an array of emotions during the mandatory health screening.

The 33-year-old actress is clearly apprehensive but is putting on a brave face before the test even begins, but as soon as the swab is inserted, Duff’s facade immediately crumbles. The actress’ face crinkles in disgust and she even lets out a few uncomfortable whimpers.

“Oh, my God,” she wheezes as the gloved medical professional continues to circle the swab around.  

“Covid test #1001,” Duff captioned the video and also included a “welcome back to work” animated sticker for her video, which is now available to view to her 15 million followers.

This is probably the first of many more tests to come as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommend frequent testing to help prevent the further spread of the contagious novel coronavirus.

By Megan Stone
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