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Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron reveal the truth about their relationship

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Mark Bourdillon/ABC via Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are putting all the rumors to rest when it comes to their relationship. 

In a video posted to the former Bachelorette‘s YouTube on Tuesday, the pair walked viewers through what really happened when she decided to quarantine with her season’s runner-up earlier this year. At the time, there was a ton a speculation that the two had rekindled their romance, however, they both admitted that they were not in the right head space for that.

For her part, Brown, 26, was coming off of news that her brother overdosed, while Cameron, 27, was coping with the unexpected death of his mother.

“I didn’t want to do something because I was in a bad place or vulnerable,” Cameron said. “So I made a rule. I was like, ‘I’m not hooking up. I’m not doing nothing.’ Because I don’t want you to go away … and then we’re upset again at each other.”

The duo did reveal that they spent “18 days in the same bed” but added that they “never kissed.” They also admitted to playing into the rumors that they were dating again when really they were just working on their friendship.

“It was a pressure cooker situation,” Cameron shared. “We were just under pressure the whole time and some of it is our fault because we played into it. We were having fun with it. … I was in a hurt place. You were in a hurt place. … We’ve gone through a lot together and this [was] our first time hanging out and I just wanted to work on it being a friendship.”

By Danielle Long
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