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"Got What I Got": Jason Aldean's keeping it "authentic" as he starts album number ten

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ABC/Eric GebhartThis week, Jason Aldean‘s been in the studio working on his tenth album, as his latest hit, “Got What I Got,” continues on track to be his twenty-fourth number one.

For the ACM Artist of the Decade, it’s important his recordings line up with who he is.

“The one thing I’ve always tried to pay attention to is just what the songs are saying,” Jason explains. “And I feel like that’s what makes it work, is if it’s something that I can relate to or something that’s authentic.”

“If I don’t do those kind of songs that are kind of true to me and who I am,” he continues, “I just feel like people can see through that… It’s just not believable to me.”

For Jason, that often means ignoring trends.

“If you’ve got an artist that has a certain sound,” he reflects, “and it’s working and doing well and it’s the new craze, everybody kind of tries to follow that and do their own version of whatever that is.”

“And that’s just one thing that [I can’t do]…” he adds. “I’ve just always been comfortable in what we do and the kind of music that I make. It’s country and rock and, you know, a little blues and some R-and-B.”

But that doesn’t mean Jason doesn’t have some new tricks up his sleeve.

“You can always sort of tweak on it a little bit and try to make what you do a little better and change it up a little bit…” he says. “But I always thought the core sound of what we do… it’s kind of what got us here… because it was believable and authentic to me and where I’m from. And I think that’s why it’s always connected with people.”

By Stephen Hubbard
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