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For Brett Young, it's Superman meets Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea on Halloween

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Kit WoodFor Brett Young, there’s no question about his favorite Halloween costume from childhood.

“I can say this about myself. I was a very nerdy little boy,” he reveals. “I was obsessed with Superman. And I would not let it go for 15 years, probably — to the point where I made my mom make me a new Superman costume three Halloweens in a row: the full tights, sprayed black into my hair, the curl, the whole thing.”

“There’s no way,” he continues, “that there was another costume ever that will top the Superman costumes that my mom made me in that three-year stretch where I couldn’t get that one out of my head.”

Now with his own daughter who just celebrated her first birthday October 21, Brett and his wife Taylor are making more All Hallows’ Eve memories.

“With Presley… she doesn’t really know that she’s dressing up yet,” he observes. “But for us, that’s a picture that you’ll never forget.”

“And, you know, we already did it last year,” he adds. “She was only probably ten days old when we had her in a little skeleton onesie for Halloween.”

And for 2020, they’re upping their game.

“I think my wife actually has two different family costumes for this year for photo ops, so we’re definitely gonna dress her up and have fun with it,” he explains. “We never want to look back and wish we had photo evidence of any of her cuteness…”

“I don’t know what the second one is,” he confesses, “but the first one… We call Presley ‘Sweet Pea,’ so we’re actually gonna go as Popeye and Olive Oyl and she’s gonna go as Sweet Pea.”

Brett’s currently climbing the chart with the song he wrote about the two women in his life, “Lady.”

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By Stephen Hubbard
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