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Feeling the COVID-19 blues? Watch Gordon Ramsay hilariously take TikTok's "chefs" down a peg

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FOX(NEW YORK) — With more people stuck at home due to COVID-19, many are flexing their culinary muscles by getting creative in the kitchen.  A few have since began uploading their “masterpieces” to TikTok to share their recipes… that is, until Gordon Ramsay joined the video-sharing site.

The cantankerous British chef has begun weighing in on the do-it-yourself cooking videos that have flooded the website — allowing fans to know once and for all if a recipe is actually delicious, or just a plate of hot rubbish.

While some recipes earned words of praise from the Hell’s Kitchen star, such as a delicious BBQ brisket recipe that made his mouth visibly water, others simply succeeded in giving him a heart attack.

One recipe that made the celebrity chef see red was the steak wedding cake, which is exactly as it sounds — a three-tier cake made up of three steaks that were frosted with mashed potatoes and decorated with bacon shaped like roses.

“That’s not a wedding cake that’s a divorce cake,” the Kitchen Nightmares alum groaned in the caption.  

The video reactions also serve as a valuable PSA to Ramsay’s fans about what not to do in the kitchen, from over-salting a ribeye steak to over-working scrambled eggs.

In addition, TikTokers who have royally disappointed the chef have since been branded with clever nicknames, such as “idiot sandwich” and “donut.”

Fans are more than welcome to seek out Ramsay’s advice by posting their recipe under the hashtag #RamsayReacts.  Here’s hoping your culinary masterpiece won’t give the Master Chef a Kitchen Nightmare.

By Megan Stone
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