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David Leisure dishes on 'The Goldbergs' 'Airplane!'-inspired season premiere

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ABC(LOS ANGELES) — The Goldbergs returns to ABC tonight and in keeping with the shows traditions of paying homage to movies of the 80s, the season premiere episode includes a riff on the classic comedy Airplane!

David Leisure played one of the Hare Krishnas in the film, and he guest stars on tonight’s episode of The Goldbergs. Surprisingly, though, he tells ABC Audio that his guest role has has no ties to the original film. 

“I’m actually playing the part of the pilot, named Roger, so has nothing to do with the movie,” the longtime actor admits. “But I had so much fun.”

Although Leisure’s portrayal of Roger won’t be relevant to the 1980 ‘s spoof comedy, he explains how The Goldbergs episode will tie into the film.  

“They were doing a throwback to the movie because they’re all going on vacation and they’re all going to be on a plane. And then, of course, chaos breaks out on the plane just like it did in the movie,” he shared.

Leisure’s appearance in the Airplane!-inspired episode is a bit of a full circle moment, as it was actually his first ever job in Hollywood. And, while he recognizes that he was “thrown into the mix” with “some really substantial human beings” like Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, and Leslie Nielsen, he also made a shocking confession about the making of the parody film. 

He tells ABC Audio that although the movie is a classic — when he was making it he didn’t exactly understand its humor.

“I mean, OK, I’m just admitting it right now for the first time in public. I didn’t get the joke until I saw the movie,” Leisure said. “I was like, oh, oh, you’re playing it straight. And it’s really funny.”

By Danielle Long and Jason Nathanson
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