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Chris Harrison can't confirm or deny "crazy rumors" about Clare Crawley's season on 'The Bachelorette'

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ABC/John Fleenor(LOS ANGELES) — After a small break, The Bachelorette is back tonight and with it comes a whirlwind of rumors about what’s in store for fans this season! 

For those who have scoured gossip sites for tidbits about the upcoming season have probably heard some wild stories and theories, which is why host Chris Harrison sat down with ABC Audio to clear the air before the big premiere.

“There’s some crazy rumors. I think people have an idea of of what happens this season,” noted Harrison.  “I can assure you they don’t.” 

In fact, he says fans need to buckle up because this season is going to be “a wild ride.”

The biggest rumor hanging above The Bachelorette this year is all about Crawley herself and whether or not she even finishes the season.

“What I can confirm is it is Clare’s season. It is 100 percent her season. And it’s all about her journey to find love,” Harrison maintained, but, true to his style, let something slip to build up the suspense. 

“What happens after that? Everybody will have to wait and see… it’s explosive,” The longtime show host smirked.

Beyond the rumors, Harrison also elucidated ABC Audio about how the show kept everyone involved safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, such as filming in a “bubble” at a resort in Palm Springs, California.

Despite those added precautions, fans won’t notice that much of a difference from season’s past.  To put it bluntly, Harrison promised that fans will not see Crawley and her suitors making out with masks.  

“You could kiss and be in a hot tub and do all those crazy things,” he allowed.

Meaning, this season is not a COVID-version of the show.  “This is The Bachelorette. It’s back,” says Harrison.  

The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

By Megan Stone
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