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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds celebrate his first time voting in a US election

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Steven Ferdman/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, are celebrating an important milestone in the Deadpool actor’s life: his first time voting in a U.S. election.

In a hilarious Instagram post Thursday, the Canadian-born actor, who reportedly became a citizen more than two years ago, jokingly thanked Lively for “making my first time so gentle and loving.”

“It was super scary at first, then exciting and now I’m a little tired. But proud. #VoteEarly,” Reynolds wrote.

Added Lively in her own post: “It was Ryan’s first time. He was understandably scared. It all happened so fast. Like, REALLY fast. He wept. I pretended to weep. Then he called all his friend. #voteearly.”

Reynolds, who turns 44 today, told The New York Times in 2018 that he holds dual passports, and considers his Canadian upbringing an advantage in Hollywood. “I’ve never felt like I’m in it, like this is my game,” he explained.

Still, he appreciates the privileges that come with being a U.S. citizen. “I feel the compulsion to vote… especially now,” he said.

But the couple’s ballots weren’t the only thing fans noticed about their Instagram posts. In her post, Lively drew a pair of strappy sandal heels on her bare feet. But in the photo Reynolds shared, the 33-year-old actress is barefoot and standing tip-toe.

“@louboutinworld are you hiring? Barefoot iPhone doodler with vast experience avail.,” Blake wrote on her Instagram story, pointing out her shoe art.

“Can you tell I was so happy to get outta a onesie and vote. Sure it was an absentee drop off ballot with a mask covering my look. But dammit I exercised my right to vote,” she continued. “And to not wear shoes that ruined my outfit.”

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