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Armie Hammer reveals COVID-19-related mental health struggles

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards(LOS ANGELES) — Millions of Americans have reported mental health struggles related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Armie Hammer says he recently got a “wake-up call” of his own.

Speaking at British GQ‘s “Heroes” event, the star of Netflix’s Rebecca said, “I could feel it happening in slow motion, like the rug was just being ripped from my feet and I was falling face-first and I was gonna smash my face on the ground.”

“I had a wake-up call one day…and I realized that I needed more help than I realized,” he explains. “So I called a friend of mine, Brendan, who works in mental health and I was like, ‘Dude, it’s not good. It’s not good for me,’ and he goes, ‘I know, it’s not good for anyone,’ and I go, ‘Yeah, but really not good for me, like I’m having a really hard time. I don’t know what the answer to this is.'”

Hammer says his buddy put him in touch with a therapist who started seeing him “multiple times a week.”

The 34-year-old actor says he continues to speak to his therapist at least once a week.

Hammer tells British GQ, “Society said, ‘Oh, you can distract yourself with going out to dinner,’ ‘You can distract yourself with night clubs,’ ‘You can distract yourself with pubs,’ ‘You can distract yourself with whatever.'” 

“When that was stripped away, we were stuck dealing with ourselves,” he continues.  “And I think a lot of people realized that they didn’t like what themselves looked like. They didn’t like where they’d gotten to, and I was in that position as well and I decided to just take whatever steps I could to make a difference and to help myself.”

By George Costantino
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