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AMC's new anthology series 'Soulmates' explores the future of dating

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Courtesy of AMC(LOS ANGELES) — The new AMC anthology series Soulmates premieres tonight and introduces a futuristic world in which a single test can scientifically find the one person with whom you should spend your life.

Kingsley Ben-Adir, who stars in the first episode alongside Succession’s Sarah Snook, tells ABC Audio the show is “an exploration of relationships.”

“But we’re in this world where there’s this thing called the test, where you can find your perfect soulmate by taking DNA from your eyeball and putting it into some sort of machine,” he continues. “And you know, and you can get matched up with someone who is your perfect soulmate, whatever that means.”

Ben-Adit says he doesn’t think the concept is beyond the realm of reason.

“I believe yeah that there is someone perfect for everyone,” he explains. “There must be someone on Earth who is the best person for you, do you know what I mean? Like out of the billions of people here, if there was some way of figuring it out, there would be one who would like come up on top. I guess. Well, maybe there’d be a few.”

Ben-Adir says he jumped at the role he saw as “a really creatively interesting rabbit hole.”

Adds the 34-year-old British actor, “It was just this constant questioning of relationships and love and soulmates and connections and what is a healthy relationship?  That feeling of restlessness that comes in long-term relationships.”

“And the idea of ‘Is the grass greener on the other side’ and how normal that is, you know, that’s something that I think we will through, but block down because we don’t want to hurt the other person we’re with,” he continues.

Soulmates, premiers Monday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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By George Costantino and Jason Nathanson
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