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A 'Lady Like' Ingrid Andress thinks albums deserve the 'Deluxe' treatment

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Warner Music NashvileAt a time when many artists, including superstars like Blake Shelton, are embracing single tracks over full-length projects, there are still newcomers like Ingrid Andress who love the album format.

That’s why, just six months after releasing her debut, Lady Like, the “More Hearts Than Mine” hitmaker is giving her collection the Deluxe treatment.

“The chapter of Lady Like was not finished,” she explains, “because I had still been writing during quarantine and there are versions of songs that I made where I was like, ‘This is a part of that chapter. This is the same message that I want.’ And these songs are very much a part of the story that I’m telling of my emotional journey.”

That’s why Lady Like not only grows from eight to thirteen tracks, but also gets a new order.

“I was like, ‘I know it’s weird, but I kind of want to rearrange the track listing in order to match that progression of that time of my life,'” Ingrid says. “And that’s kind of where the inspiration came from, because I feel like the order in which you hear songs is just as important as the songs themselves.”

Even at 29, the double CMA Awards nominee is a bit of an old soul.

“I know that’s kind of an old-school concept, because who listens to albums anymore?” Ingrid asks. “But the way that I used to listen to albums was [from the] top down, if they were really good. I just love that.”

Out today, Lady Like‘s title track is also Ingrid’s new single, and boasts a version of “More Hearts” with Little Big Town‘s Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman, as well as Ingrid’s take on “Boys,” the pop hit she wrote for Charli XCX.

By Stephen Hubbard
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