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A grandpa's note, a bucket of baseballs and an emotional tweet

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manusapon kasosod/iStockBy GENEVIEVE SHAW BROWN, GMA

(NEW YORK) — Sometimes the simplest gestures are the ones that tug at the heartstrings.

That’s certainly the case with a bucket of baseballs, a sweet note and a grandson’s now-viral tweet.

On Monday Ethan Anderson, Twitter handle @TheBigE_21, tweeted a photo that’s now been liked more than 200,000 times. He wrote, “My grandad left an old bucket of balls at the batting cages we used to go to with this note on them…. I’m not crying, you’re crying.”


Anderson assures the commenters in subsequent tweets that he does visit his grandfather and though it’s been some time since they went to the batting cages he’s making plans to do so soon.



Many granddads, dads and sons chimed in with their memories of playing ball.


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