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Will 'Schitt's Creek''s historic night at the Emmys lead to a movie? Dan Levy weighs in

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ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Schitt’s Creek started the Emmys off with a bang with an unprecedented and history-making sweep. The show, which ended its six-season run this year, became the first comedy series to sweep the entire comedy category. 

With the series nabbing the Emmys for outstanding comedy, best actor, best actress, outstanding writing for a comedy series, outstanding directing for a comedy series, best supporting actor and best supporting actress — it led to fans wondering, if not outright hoping, if the wins would inspire a Schitt’s Creek movie.

Speaking backstage to reporters, co-creator Dan Levy weighed in on whether or not he’d be up for it. 

“This was the best way we ever could have ended the show,” he said in regards to their Emmy wins.  “So, if there is an idea that pops into my head that’s worthy of these wonderful people it really has to be freaking good at this point.”

“This is a real nice way of saying goodbye,” Levy joked, promising fans that if an idea comes around that’s better than winning nine Emmys, only then will the cast reunite.

He understood why fans want to see their favorite characters again, adding that the show resonated with the audience because of how it approached and told authentic LGBTQ storylines.

“I don’t often get to see those kinds of relationships depicted on TV,” the Canadian actor noted. “I felt like it was an incredible responsibility to be given that opportunity and to try to tell it as authentically as I possibly could.”

Levy added that “by projecting a sweeter, gentler world” where homophobia wasn’t even mentioned, “I feel like that was in a way a political statement.”

Overall, by sweeping the Emmys with nine wins, Levy declared, “What an absolutely unbelievable way to end our series.”

By Megan Stone
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