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"Song for Another…" town? Old Dominion heads outside Nashville to make next record

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ABC/Image Group LA Fresh off winning Group and Song of the Year at last week’s ACM Awards, Old Dominion‘s heading back into the studio to start work on their next album. 

And in a rare bright spot in a year when they can’t play live shows because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ll get to make their record in a way they’ve always envisioned.

“The cool thing is we are looking forward to making more music,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells ABC Audio. “So we actually decided, ‘You know what? We’ve always talked about, “Wouldn’t be great to make an album like they did in the old days where they had all the time in the world, and they just lived in the studio and went in there and created? And when they were done, they left.”‘”

So the “Never Be Sorry” hitmakers are headed outside Nashville.

“We actually booked a recording studio in another town,” Matthew explains. “And it’s got a house and everything, and we’re just going to live for like a month.”

“And we have no plan,” he adds. “We’re just gonna go in there and come out with something. We’ll see, you know.”

So far, OD’s excited about their prospects.

“I think it’s gonna be good,” Matthew says, “because we’ve started to sort of work on things here. And the things that we’re kind of playing with are really different and really cool, and [it’s] exciting for us to be able to create again.”

Still, Matthew jokes it could go either way: “I was talking to my brother the other day… and I said, ‘We’re either gonna come out with something great or kill each other — or both!'”  

OD also vies for Vocal Group and Album of the Year at the CMA Awards November 11 on ABC.

By Stephen Hubbard
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