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Sasheer Zamata explains why she's "thankful to be a part" of her new 'Woke' series

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Photo credit: Zack DeZon(NEW YORK) — Sasheer Zamata is excited for fans to see her in the new Hulu series Woke, where she’ll get to tap into her conscious side.

Zamata tells ABC Audio that unlike other series, which may focus on social justice and issues concerning race, her new series doesn’t hold back on delving into sensitive topics.

“I like this show because we really hit the issues head on and we’re not shying away from things,” Zamata explains. “Like the pilot episode, Lamorne Morris, the main character, gets stopped and frisked pretty aggressively by police and then the rest of the series is him dealing with that trauma.”

According to Zamata, there aren’t “too many things… seen in mainstream media that talks about the trauma that lasts after a racially incited incident.”

“And I think we’ll be a part of that,” she says of the new series.

Of course, being “woke” isn’t new to the Zamata or her Woke character, Ayana, whom the comedian says “runs a very progressive newspaper in San Francisco.”

“So I’m already “woke,” Zamata says. “And I’m kind of the guru that’s leading [the main] character into the woke light,” she laughs. 

Woke is now available to stream on Hulu.

By Candice Williams
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